Go PRO Spain Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Knowing that you've chosen the right PADI Pro training facility is vital, not only to be confident that you're getting the best PADI IDC possible, but to also be sure that the experience and knowledge you will gain will set you up to pursue your dream career with the most rewarding results.

It's also a tough decision.

Here at Simply Diving Go PRO Spain, we had to make these tough decisions ourselves once in our careers, so we understand what's important to the future PADI Instructor. That's why our aim is to help you on your way to becoming a confident teacher and employable PADI Professional ready to tackle the world's dive industry and succeed.

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Q –  How do I prepare for a PADI Instructor Development Course (PADI IDC)?
A – Your basic 24 scuba skills and theory knowledge must be up to scratch. So apart from the obvious advice of practice, practice, practice, even the most accomplished Divemaster can benefit from the PADI IDC Preparation course.
Q – How long is the IDC?
A – The course can be completed either in two parts – the Assistant Instructor and the OWSI programmes – or, by far the most popular choice, as the full IDC in ten days. The Instructor Examination (IE) is two days.
Q – How long is each day of the IDC?
A – Our PADI Instructor Development Courses are designed to be relaxed and fun as stress does not prepare the candidate well for either the IDC or IE. The days start promptly at 8.30am and finish between 4 and 6pm, depending on the day's activity. This allows plenty of time in the evening for studying or for the preparation of presentations.
Q – What's included in a Simply Diving Go PRO Spain PADI IDC?
A – We offer excellent training, Scubapro equipment, professional knowledge gained from years of studying and teaching, experience both in the water and in the classroom, as well as all the assistance you could need to prepare yourself for getting out in the big wide world and finding work.
Q – What materials do I require?
A – You must have a complete set of your own, new, course materials. Check the full pricelist to find out which pack suits your course. It is also necessary to have manuals and support material for all PADI core courses (Open Water, Advanced, EFR, Rescue and Divemaster). After all, these will be the tools of your trade.
Q – Are there any additional costs with the IDC?
A – Please check our Book Now> and Prices page for a full breakdown of all additional costs, such as PADI fees, membership fees and required course materials.
Q – Is accommodation provided?
A – Nope! But we have hundreds of options and good relations with hotels, hostels and self-catering apartments that can be provided at very reasonable cost. Just email us with your requirements.
Q – Who carries out the PADI IDC training?
A – Course Director Kev Turner has been conducting Simply Diving Go PRO Spain's IDCs for several years and has still yet to have one single student fail their IE. Enough said. Meet him and hear what people say about him.
Q – What certifications do I need to attend an IDC?
A – You will need to be a Divemaster in order to attend either an Assistant Instructor (AI) Course or an Instructor Development Course (IDC). You will also need to hold a current (within two years) CPR and First Aid qualification.
Q – What do I need to bring?
A – 
  • Two passport-type photos
  • All PADI certification cards from Open Water through to Divemaster
  • Copy of your log book showing your 100th dive
  • EFR certification dated within the past two years. (Alternative First Aid & CPR certification may be acceptable)
  • Medical statement signed by a doctor within the past 12 months
  • PADI course materials
  • Your credit card for payment of PADI fees
  • Dive equipment consisting of:
    • Regulator set with octopus, depth gauge and SPG
    • BCD
    • Wetsuit
    • Mask, snorkel, fins
    • Dive knife, compass, whistle, slates, surface marker buoys
    • Dive computer or dive watch

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